What is a DMX LED Light?

As a nightclub or bar owner you are faced with a lot of choices when it comes to lighting.  DMX lighting is necessary to allow you to control your lighting through a control panel or by computer and LED lights are an excellent choice for their durability, flexibility and energy efficiency.  DMX stands for digital multiplex which is a communications standard that was created in the late 1980's to enable lighting and special effects components to communicate through a controller in order to allow them to be controlled through a control panel or computer.  LED stands for "light emitting diodes" which are semiconductors that are capable of converting energy into light in a very efficient way. LED lights use up to 80% less energy and last ten times longer than incandescent lights so their monetary value is quickly apparent.  However, DMX LED lights are also very valuable to the nightclub or bar owner for a variety of other reasons as well.  For instance, LED's are far better as emitting light in a single direction than other types of light which allows for greater design possibilities.  Having the ability to control the precise direction of each light means that a variety of designs can be accomplished that would be next to impossible with incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Another thing that makes DMX LED's ideal for nightclub and bar applications is that they are extremely durable and can withstand a great deal more abuse than other lights which is why LED light walls, ceilings and even dance floors are a possibility.  These lights can be programmed to provide a complete light show or used with a light to sound protocol that adds entertainment and excitement to the dance floor or bar area. DMX LED light is a great choice both economically and artistically.  Club owners save time and money since energy bills are decreased and the lights have to be replaced less often.  DJ's enjoy the artistic expression that these DMX LED lights provide when they are crafting their show and guests enjoy the exciting environment they provide.  This type of lighting is quickly becoming the standard when it comes to nightclub and bar lighting.  It is easy to find a great deal on a DMX LED light or lighting package online including LED light panels for walls, ceilings or floors.  There are many styles and colors to choose from that can help create or compliment your club's theme.

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