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light owner   Chris Lenahan - "The little Black BAR BOOK" author
Since I met DJ Peter and get known with his unique products I always recommend to everybody in the nightclub business to go with this stuff. The club industry now has a new advantage with DJ Light Studio and Disco-Panel. All-in-One for opening or renovation a club, lounge or disco! Amazing! And all this lights are easily controlled by DJ Light Studio!
light owner   ------------ - Light Ultra club, Bulgaria
We have been using DJ Light Studio together with Disco Panel since we are opened. The main advantage of this amazing lighting control software is that all the lights are controlled by a touch. We organize different parties with DJ guests and all of them are very pleased with our Sound to Light Software. Therefore the best party in our region is always in my club.
light owner   ------------ - Hungary
I'm very happy with my choice for Lighting Control Control Software. DJ Light Studio perfect fits my needs for my club - extremely easy to use, unbelievable lighting effects, very powerful, compatible with all the stuff and of course - creates the best party ever!
light owner   ------------ - Karlsruhe, Germany
light owner   ------------ - Ivan, UK
light owner   ------------ - Mint Club Leeds, UK
light owner   ------------ - Poland
light owner   ------------ - Planeta Club, Bulgaria
light owner   ------------ - Blue Magic Club, UK
light owner   ------------ - Vienna, Austria
light owner   ------------ - , Portugal



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