Updating Your Electronics

Includes DJ Equipment

Electronics don't last forever because technology is always changing and improving and the same is true for your DJ equipment.  Whether it is your lighting, sound equipment, mixers or video all your electronics in your DJ equipment has to be updated regularly in order to remain competitive and keep your nightclub on the cutting edge.  In a business like this, losing your edge means losing business and a club can go from being a jumping hotspot to being out of business almost overnight, so staying updated is vital to your success and survival. When evaluating your electronics and DJ equipment to decide what needs to be updated and what can stay.  If you haven't updated any of your electronics in the last ten years it is a good bet to say that everything needs to be updated.  Other than that, you should give each item a good going over and check it for function, appearance and compatibility with new equipment.  If any electronic item is lacking in one of these areas you would do well to replace it with something new.  Crackly speakers or microphones need to be dumped in the trash and replaced ASAP.

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Be critical when you are judging the appearance of your electronics and DJ equipment.  Your club can go from classy to trashy based entirely on the appearance of your electronics.  Not only do chipped paint or frayed wires look bad, old equipment looks bad too.  Your patrons recognize the difference and will have a lower opinion of your club.  While a few diehard "regulars" may remain, you won't sustain a profitable business if you aren't willing to invest in the right electronics, including new DJ equipment.  New equipment can give your establishment a whole new image and encourage your patrons to spread the word about your club. Not only does having outdated electronics and DJ equipment make your club look bad, it also makes it unable to function to its highest capacity.  The world is always moving forward, times change, technology changes.  You simply can't afford to be left behind.  There is always another nightclub that your patrons can choose and make no mistake; they will choose another club if you don't keep your club looking and functioning well.  Times are tough and coming back from defeat is even more difficult during times like this so it is better to nip it in the bud and update your equipment before it is too late.

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