Creating the Ultimate Party with

DJ Equipment Effects

Let's face it; the DJ makes the party happen.  From thumping music to wicked effects, the DJ equipment is vital to making the party happen and when the party is "happening" patrons spend more money on beverages.  Not only that, but news of a "happening" hot spot spreads like wildfire and word-of-mouth advertising is the most highly effective way to increase your nightclub or bar's bottom line.  There is a wide variety of DJ equipment effects that you can choose from in order to create a unique atmosphere for your nightclub that will get your patrons in the party mood and have them talking about you everywhere they go.
Fog Machines
A fog machine is a great way to add intrigue and interest to your dance floor or DJ booth area.  Fog can also help to emphasize your lighting effects and looks great under strobe lights, black lighting or in front of an LED wall display.  This is a fairly simple and inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your DJ equipment effects and create the type of atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more.
Lighting Effects
There are a variety of lighting effects that can be used effectively to enhance the atmosphere of your club.  Lights can be added to the ceiling, floor and walls in various designs and colors depending on the look and feel you want to create for your club.  Whether you want an ultra-modern space age look or a totally retro disco style, the DJ equipment effects and lighting you use can help create that look.

Other Effects
Fog machines and lighting are just two examples of DJ equipment effects that can be used effectively to create a unique atmosphere for your club.  Other effects include haze, dry ice, bubble and even snow machines and each of these types of effects can be programmed and controlled by the DJ on a DMX control panel to create the ultimate party effects in time to the music.
Getting more patrons into your club more often and helping them have more fun while they are there is vital to the success and longevity of your nightclub or bar.  Adding the right DJ equipment effects such as haze or fog machines, special lighting and a DMX mixer to control the show can help create a unique atmosphere that keeps your guests having fun, telling others about it and coming back for more.