No DMX Controller, No Glory

All the creative light fixtures and special effects components in the world won't give a stellar performance unless they are connected to a DMX controller.  Each device on its own can perform a certain function and provide a certain amount of entertainment value, but until everything is plugged into a DMX controller, the DJ doesn't have nearly as much control and flexibility over operating the individual components or in making them function as a cohesive unit.  One piece of equipment operating on its own could be seen as a firecracker, but everything functioning together through a DMX unit is like the full blown 4th of July fireworks display.

ultimate hot disco girl
Being able to coordinate a variety of types of special effects and lighting equipment from one main control panel puts the DJ in full control.  It offers the flexibility of operating one piece of equipment at a time or several.  Each item may be controlled manually or with the right software, set up on a program which allows the DJ to focus on the music and satisfying the patrons more fully.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of show that can be produced by connecting various special effects components such as fog machines or strobe lights and all the lighting fixtures into a DMX controller.
One use for a software program with a DMX controller is having different sections or areas of lighting switching on and off in time with the music.  It gives the patrons an audio, visual and physical experience from the music—they can see it, hear it and feel it.  This helps create an experience for the patron that goes beyond just enjoying beverages and dancing.  It is this experience that brings guests back to the same club over and over again and causes them to spread the word and make your nightclub a hit.

DJ disco show
Trying to create an experience for the patron without a DMX controller is like trying to serve a full-course Italian meal without pasta—it just isn't going to happen.  Any club owner or DJ who isn't using or making full use of a DMX controller needs to get on board, get educated and get plugged in because in the nightclub business you are either attracting more patrons or you are going out of business and in today's world it takes a high-tech experience to get the patron's attention and loyalty.

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