Your Lighting Controller DMX

Lights up the Night

Whether you are running the hottest new nightclub for dancing or the hippest bar with a live band in town, you need to consider the effectiveness of your lighting controller DMX.  Is your current unit able to keep up with the demands of multiple lighting fixtures and special effects components?  Is it providing the unique guest experience you need to create excitement and continually draw new patrons in?  If you aren't currently using a lighting DMX controller are you aware of how far behind you are falling in nightclub technology and the effect that can have on your business? Your lighting and special effects components are only as competent as your DMX controller and that is the bottom line.  Your controller needs to be up-to-date and capable of handling as many lights and special effects as you need depending on the size and scope of your club.  Each club has different needs; for instance a sports bar isn't going to have fog machines and LED light displays putting on a show while people are trying to watch the big game, but a dance club must put every component to its fullest use in order to create a unique clubbing experience for their guests.


If you have live band playing you need equipment that is flexible and has added ports available for each band to plug in any special equipment they may need to put on a hot show for your patrons.  It is vital not to skimp in order to save a few bucks and wind up with a lighting controller DMX unit that has no room for growth or special events.  Investing in the right equipment can have almost immediate and measurable results for a club because it will get people talking week one and by week two new guests will start arriving. Another consideration is that using a good lighting controller DMX unit frees up the DJ's hands and mind to do other things like playing the music that the patrons want to hear or being aware enough of the surroundings to talk up what is happening in the club and get the guests involved and having a good time.  These units are relatively inexpensive especially when you consider how much they are capable of and how vital they are to your business.  Shopping online for your lighting controller DMX unit can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and the cost of the unit will quickly be made up as patrons enjoy themselves more and invite more friends and family to come out to your club.



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