Free DMX Lighting Software

Getting your DMX club lighting to work exactly the way you want it to is vital in order to make your investment worthwhile.  The right software is crucial to get your DMX controller functioning the way you would like especially so you can control everything by computer, which is almost non-negotiable these days.  Free DMX lighting software usually comes with your DMX controller which makes it even a better value, but if it was not included or you purchased used equipment that didn't come with software you can find several places to download the free software online. Good, free DMX lighting software will give you complete control over your lighting and special effects components such as fog or haze machines so that you can create the mood you want your nightclub or bar to have.  A good DMX software program should be easy to install and very user friendly, but still have a wide variety of functions and features to allow for creative expression and the proper function of your equipment.  You also want to look for free DMX lighting software that comes with pre-designed programs that will allow you or rather, your DJ to put your lighting and special effects on auto-pilot so to speak, in order to allow the DJ to focus on the music and so that the software can be used immediately while the DJ learns the ins and outs of how to use the new system.

DMX Lighting Control

There are also many of these software programs available for purchase online, but with the wide variety of high-quality free DMX lighting software programs available it would seem a waste of money to invest in one of these.  That money could certainly be put to better use on buying another DMX light or special effect component to enhance your setup. If you are purchasing a new controller, be sure to inquire as to whether it comes with a good free DMX lighting software package.  Chances are that your supplier will be able to throw one in if it doesn't automatically come with the controller and they should be able to direct you to the best software for your particular piece of equipment and your nightclub's specific needs.  Be sure to take the time to become acquainted with your free DMX lighting software so that you know what its capabilities are and how that can benefit your establishment in creating the right ambiance for your customers.



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