DMX USB for the Budget Conscious

There are many reasons to use a DMX usb controller to operate lights and special effects.  Perhaps you have booked some gigs for your band and realize that a light display is needed, but don't have the money in your budget to buy lights, a DMX controller and the software to run it all.  Or maybe you have a small local bar that needs some extra pizzazz on a shoestring budget.  Whatever the case may be, using a DMX usb conversion can allow you to run several light fixtures and/or special effects straight through your computer without an expensive control panel.

nightclub lightings
Some people just like the flexibility because if your act is on the road using DMX usb means one less thing you have to pack, unpack, carry and set up for each performance.  Every little bit helps when you are trying to save time, energy and money and a DMX usb set up can help you save on all of these things while still allowing for a very professional light display that will help make your show all it can be and a small nightclub or bar can benefit in much the same way.
Being on a tight budget is no excuse for eliminating a good lighting profile.  Your audience or customers want to see something exciting going on and a few simple light fixtures and a fog machine can work wonders in creating some professionalism and excitement for your performance.  It is one thing to be on a budget it is another thing altogether to be just plain cheap or tacky.  Your light show can still give the look you need without draining your bank account or causing you to have to take out a second mortgage on your home.
Competition is tough these days and if you don't provide a professional performance you aren't likely to book anymore gigs if you are in a band and if you own a bar or nightclub, you aren't going to get a lot of repeat business unless you provide a little extra for your customers in the atmosphere you create for them.  You don't have to spend a fortune to have the basic lighting setup that sets the mood for your establishment or show.  A DMX usb is a great option when you just can't afford another way to get your light show operating appropriately for a very small amount of money.


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