DMX Lighting Control Software

The DMX lighting control software you use is every bit, if not more, important than the hardware you use in creating the lighting and special effects for your show or nightclub environment.  Your software allows you to control a variety of lighting components and special effects such as fog or haze machines in order to create a unique atmosphere and/or show for your guests.  The more intricate your software program, the more functions and features it will have and the more you will be able to do with it.
Of course, how much you need to be able to do with your DMX lighting control software depends heavily on how much equipment you need to run through it and how elaborate you want or need your light show to be.  For a simple rock band performance in a local bar, some basic light maneuvers and effects may be all that is needed, but a top nightclub with dancing may require more effects in order to create a unique environment that captivates a crowd and makes them want to come back and bring their friends with them the next time around.

nightclub lighting
The DMX lighting control software you choose must be able to run all of your lighting and special effects.  Some programs allow for multiple DMX universes to be run simultaneously and this would be necessary for larger clubs and concert halls, while smaller establishments can get by with just one universe (512 channels).  You also need to know whether you want your software to come with a variety of pre-programmed options or if you mainly want to create your own displays.  Usability is also a consideration as some programs are too complex for the average person to operate while others are so user-friendly that a first-time user can quickly and easily operate the lighting and effects without too much difficulty.
Some DMX lighting control software packages come with the actual DMX controller and others can be purchased separately or even downloaded free from the internet.  The important thing is finding a program that works for you and can operate all your equipment to create exactly the look and feel you want for your show or nightclub atmosphere.  Take the time to consider your needs and examine the capabilities of various DMX lighting control software programs before making a decision and you are sure to make the right choice for your particular situation.
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