What is a DMX Light?

If you are new to stage and nightclub lighting you may hear the term DMX light and wonder exactly what that is.  Basically, lights that are made for the entertainment industry for stage, nightclubs and so on are all created to operate through one standard that is known as DMX 512.  This enables many light fixtures and special effects components to be wired into a controller and operated through the control panel or by computer for a variety of effects.  Without a standard communication channel, each lighting manufacturer would have to have created their own communication language and no two lighting or effects company's products could be used together.
That is why you cannot take regular household lights and hook them up in a nightclub or theatre; you must use a DMX light for any part of your setup that you want to have controlled as part of your show.  When it comes to DMX light you have a lot of options from movable can lights and spot lights to strobe lights and energy efficient modern LED lights.  There are so many ways to add interest and excitement to your nightclub or theatre with the right lighting and special effects all being run through a DMX controller.

led lighing club
A DMX light has to have the right type of cable to allow it to run through the controller and function properly because this type of cable allows for a larger amount of data to be transferred back and forth than most other types of cable.  Trying to rig your lighting setup together without the right cable and DMX lights is a bad idea that is likely to backfire and cost you more money in the end because it will be inefficient and possibly even dangerous to do so.
The reality is that the right type of lighting and special effects using only DMX light fixtures is an investment that will help your theatre or nightclub to be a success and really isn't that expensive even compared to some other lighting choices you might have.  Finding DMX lights is getting easier and less expensive these days thanks to the internet and you should be sure to hire a licensed electrician that specializes in DMX lighting to do your installation in order to be sure that everything is done right the first time.  The right lighting and special effects help make your club or theatre look professional and create a unique environment for your establishment.


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