Label Your DMX Lighting Unit

for Maximum Efficiency

Nothing can produce a more interesting nightclub experience then the right blend of the crowd, the music and the club atmosphere provided by the lighting and special effects being properly controlled through a good DMX lighting unit.  The problem is that if you flip the wrong switch at the wrong time the show can fall flat.  Since DMX lighting controllers can be used to control 512 channels—there is a lot of room for error.  The best advice is to label the channels as the equipment is being plugged in to ensure that mistakes aren't made and that everyone who uses the equipment knows what is going on. Some clubs make the mistake of relying far too heavily on their DJ to know what is going on, but what happens when they call in sick or even quit?  A fill-in or replacement DJ would be totally lost without proper labeling and it could take days or even weeks to sort the whole mess out.  Proper labeling helps keep everyone on the same page and allows the club to function properly even if a new DJ has to take over for a night or permanently.

DMX Lighting

A DMX lighting unit is vital to providing your patrons with a satisfying nightclub or bar experience whether you own a dance club or have live bands performing.  People expect to see a show and be immersed in the experience of patronizing your establishment.  Having a good DMX lighting controller and software package helps you live up to and exceed their expectations and having a properly label unit helps the DJ provide that experience for them.  Your club has the ability in today's day and age to provide an experience that a person used to get only at a high ticket concert or event with the right DMX lighting and special effects set up. Nothing could be more helpful in getting the most from your controller than properly labeling the DMX controller with each component's name.  This also comes in handy should you need to install a new lighting fixture or special effect component, especially if it is replacing something else—no need to trace the wires in order to know what needs to be unplugged.  Labeling is part of an intelligent nightclub's DMX lighting operation and something every DJ should be willing to do in order to make their job and the entire nightclub run more smoothly.  

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