DMX512 Controller

DMX Controller

What is DMX512?

Our DMX512 controller together with DJ Light Studio our DMX Lighting Control Software is used for professional lighting systems for Nightclubs Discos, bars, lounges and all possible entertainment applications. DMX is actually short for "digital multiplex" which refers to the ability to handle multiple digital inputs and outputs and the number 512 refers to the number of channels that the unit can process simultaneously. Our DMX Controller can run up to 262144 DMX Channels which makes it the biggest DMX controller available currently on the market.


Specifications of base type DMX Controller:

- Base type DMX Controller:
1 x 512 Channels
- Size : LxWxH 155 x 115 x 45 mm
(6.1 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches)
- Weight - 200 g
- Power Requirement - 5 V DC
- System Voltage - 220 V and 110 V

We can customize the controller with Up to 262144 DMX Channels.
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DMX Interfaces

Cool Effects

Together with DJ Light Studio and LED Disco Panel there are endless possibilities to create a show or club experience with our High End DMX 512 controller. DMX 512 is the industry standard and it is also used for controlling moving head lights and special effects like fog machines, haze machines and LED light show Video Displays and Lasers.


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