Creating Ambiance with DMX Lights

There is no doubt that the lighting creates the mood and energy that dominates a nightclub or bar.  The right DMX lights and special effects can be used to create the type of energy that will make a name for your club and create a following that will ensure your success.  Whether you are looking for something high-tech or old school, DMX lights can help create the ambiance you desire.  And the really cool thing is that you can change your programs whenever you like in order to keep things fresh so that the party never gets stale and your patrons never become complacent about it.

keep clubbing
You can use DMX lights and a fog machine to create a sexy look or go with a high energy party-'til-you-drop feeling.  Your lighting can be controlled for a band performance and easily go back to providing the right atmosphere for dancing when the band is done.  The great thing about using DMX lights and a good controller and software package is that the DJ can "manually" control the various lighting and effects components or set them on auto-pilot with a ready-made program or one he or she designed themselves to allow them to better concentrate on the music.
DMX lights come in numerous configurations from can lights to LED light walls, ceilings and dance floors or even strobe lights.  Other components like fog or haze machines are also created to DMX standards so that everything can operate together in order to create a completely entertaining environment that compliments, or rather helps to create the theme and mood of the nightclub or bar it is in.  Sometimes a particular set of DMX lights is only activated when extra excitement needs to be generated and helps to signal that the party is in full gear.

No matter what mood you want your nightclub or bar to create, your DMX lights will play an important role in creating that ambiance for your guests.  It is important to be aware of what mood you are trying to achieve and not simply throw a bunch of DMX components together and hope they work.  Your nightclub has to stand out from the crowd and create a unique statement in order to achieve success and create a following.  Without the right lighting concept it is impossible to create the ambiance that will entice your guests to make your club the hottest spot in town.


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